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Re: Part-time EC success questionnaire.

1. How "EC" are you? Do you use diapers? Do you go diaper free? Somewhere inbetween?
We are definitely in between. We use flats and a wool cover most of the time, occasionally just the flat, and sometimes go diaper free for as long as I'm willing to push my luck (usually right after he's had a good pee in the potty. There was a few days when our washer was broken over the holidays and we were using disposables because we didn't know when we'd have the washer working again, and all during that time I didn't catch one pee or poop. (I potty him with every diaper change.) So I avoid disposables like the plague now.

2. How old is your baby/child?
We're still early in our EC journey. DS is 4 months and we started around 4-6 weeks. I tried EC with DS#1, but never really got the hang of it and quit after a while. I started with DS#2 only by chance because I noticed that he would go poo almost consistently while nursing right after waking up. I'd assumed he woke because of hunger and nursed him right away. But one day he didn't seem at all anxious to nurse right away, so I thought I'd try taking him to the potty just for the heck of it. Low and behold, he pooped and peed. I've been doing that pretty much ever since with pretty good success. My main driving incentive was almost no poopy diapers anymore!

3. When did your child start to understand the concept of going to the potty (without you putting them there )? When s/he started walking? Talking? Later?
At only 4 months, I don't think I can claim that he understands the concept of going potty yet, but I do believe he's catching on to the cues already.
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