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Anyone develop GD after passing the 1 hr GTT? Help!

Uggggggghhhhhh!!!! So 2.5 weeks ago I passed my 1 hr GTT with flying colors (I think it was 122). I just had an appointment on Monday and my regular urine dip test showed me at 3+ for sugar levels (which is as high as the stick test goes). So my doc had me get all the testing supplies so I can test 4x a day and the first 2 days seem just fine, but today my numbers are off the charts (for me) high! They told me to eat regularly, and I admittedly have a sweet tooth with this pregnancy, but something is definitely wacky with my blood sugars

So has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? I am going to cut way back on the sweets from this point forward, because obviously my body can't handle it any more. But I'm wondering what to expect now... will I need to take the 3 hr GTT, or just monitor for the next 2 months until I deliver and try to keep my levels within range? And obviously if I can't keep them within range I'll do whatever is needed to make baby healthy, but I would like to try to fix my diet before I go to insulin (because it could certainly use some fixin'!). How long will they let me try to self-regulate with diet before it gets to be unhealthy for babe?

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