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Re: 3rd grade sexy talk -- WWYD?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
oh no.

I am not even close to that age yet. I have no advice that would even be worthwhile, other than to say you did a good job not flipping out about it, and making sure she feels comfortable enough to come to you. Kudos for that!

Otherwise, I'm useless. Just couldn't read and not offer something.
Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
When I was in third grade, my best friend and I would play teenage pregnancy / labour and delivery . I have no idea why, but it was complete childish innocence and natural curiosity, notwithstanding the subject matter. We were very sheltered, I wasn't allowed to listen to any pop music, I wasn't even allowed to watch "Friends" until I was 14. My mum was horrified obviously, haha, but to me there was nothing sinister or suggestive about it.

I just wanted to reassure you that just because your daughter is curious about sexiness and sex appeal doesn't mean she's lost her innocence.
Thanks. I remember reading my friend's older sister's Seventeen and pretending that Barbie got pregnant from swimming with Ken (obviously didn't know how it really happened). I know it's mostly innocent. I'm just not sure how or if I should address it.
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