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I am about to turn psycho mom

My 4 year old daughter will NOT stop calling for me and just go to sleep She calls me and I ignore her as long as I can stand it (she has already been read to and snuggled and comforted.) When the stress of her saying mom 100 times gets to me I finally cave and go in her room yelling. I quickly feel terrible because she looks so offended and so then I end up cuddling her more. We talk about how it is bedtime and there is no more talking to mommy. She must go to sleep now. Next thing I know she is screaming a question at me from her room. Where is daddy, when are you going to bed, are you in the office? on and on and on......and she repeats the questions loudly with no pause in between and will only stop if I answer her. I am not used to this with her so I can't evem think straight right now on how to handle her. Should I just go in a snuggle with her until she falls asleep? I hate to start something like that and for her to continue this behavior because she knows it would end with me laying with her until she falls asleep.

This also happened in the middle of the night last night and I was too tired to deal with it any longer. She ended up in my bed

Ok- I feel better now that I have vented. No more pycho mom. I will still take any advice from those who have dealt with bedtime dillemas! We have a good bedtime routine and she didn't stay up extra late so I don't know what the deal is.. ..
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