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ALL SOLD: BG 4.0's and girly WAHMs

All come from a smoke free, pet free home, washed in luluís or bumgenius detergent. Dried on low. (BG bleached one a month, as per directed by BG) all prices are PPD, willing to do deals when buying more than one Iím very trade friendly, Iíll list my IHA/ISO thread below these were used in a VERY large rotationÖ. I have a diaper problem. haha

Bumgenius 4.0 pockets aplix, EUC elastic, PUL and hook/loop in excellent condition, no stain, no stink 14$ a piece, 26$ for 2, 12$ a piece for 3 or more (buy the whole lot for 100$) comes with both the infant and m/l BG brand inserts

girly pockets (WAHM) all VGUC-EUC, no stains, great elastic, some of the cotton outers faded a little, all come with an insert (10$ a piece):

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