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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

My husband and I are both work a lot and he asked me when I was pregnant if I would consider cloth diapering. I thought he was insane and I would never have time to be a mom, a wife, a doctor, and cloth diaperer. Needless to say, I started with sposies and daughter developed a bad rash at about two weeks old and my mom suggested that I stop using baby wipes and try LuSa Baby Wipe Juice. I did and loved it. When my daughter was about 3 months old, I read a book about healthy eating, called "Feeding Baby Green". There was a brief aside in the book about cloth diapering and I decided that maybe it was worth a try. I started with a BG Freetime and a OS Charlie Banana. Now CDing is a total addiction (an obsessive hobby you could say). I've kinda worked backwards, starting with pockets, then moving to AIOs and now to prefolds, fitteds, and covers :-) Maybe I'll try flats next!
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