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*Lily-Belle Diapers*

Hyena Cart.

Hi! I'm Sarah, owner of Lily-Belle Diapers. Our name was inspired by our dachushund-chiweenie mix sister who we raised from 7 days old (bottle fed any everything!). Lily and Isabelle. For the most part I make hybrid fitteds, but I can also do newborn hybrids, newborn AIOs, OS AIOs, and pockets (pockets are my least favorite).

For custom orders, you can refer to my Facebook link above to see my fabric choices. You may also send me your own fabric, or see if I can get a certain fabric that you would like.

One Size
Pocket - $15
AIO - $18
Hybrid Fitted - $21
AIO - $15
Hybrid Fitted - $18
*Pricing is subject to change if a rare or hard to find fabric is chosen*

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE can be found in the post below
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Website. Facebook.

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