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Re: Help!! Name calling is driving me CRAZY

How about separating them? My kids will start to play off of each other with stuff like name calling or "potty talk" (talking about diapers and poop and what have you). I send them to completely different areas where they cannot see each other. For us, it happens a lot during breakfast or lunch. So, I'll send one to the dinning room (instead of our eat-in kitchen) and if I have to, I'll send another to the kitchen floor behind our kitchen island where they can't see anyone. In the summer, I've been known to have one sit out at the table on the deck. I've threatened to do that in the snowy winter, but they just laugh and tell me I am joking (which I am...sort of. ).

Or, could you direct them to more appropriate funny talk, like knock knock jokes. I got my kids started on those and on the "why did the _____ cross the road?" Now, they think it is funny to make up their own. Of course, they all think it is hilarious even when their jokes make no sense. But, the point is, it isn't name calling or potty talk making them laugh. It is just good old fashion silliness.

Just some thoughts. Hope you find something soon because I'm sure it is driving you bonkers. Kids can be so irritating sometimes. and
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