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Originally Posted by Kiliki
I totally eat junk food on my kid's naps. Not all the time, but when I have a mad craving.

I also will wait until their cartoons are on, and will *QUICKLY* open the package of whatever deliciousness it is, then immediately hide it and grab something else - like an innocuous box of granola bars, or an unsuspecting bag of roasted almonds.

This is because I know I have about 8 milliseconds from the time I rip open the package of the junk food to the time the kids have teleported to my ankles, wide-eyed, wanting whatever I have just opened.

So when they appear, I'm holding some "yummy" healthy treat. "OH! Did you want some roasted almonds?! Here you go!" And they each get a cup full to sit on the couch and munch happily.

Once they are back to their cartoons, I put the almonds back, and now, I can quietly and strategically slip my hand into the open back of crappy, junky, nasty, yet so deliciously-bad-for-you food, and get one or two or three out.... whereupon I eat them happily, but very, very, very, QUIETLY.

It helps to tote them with me to the next room, and eat them while folding laundry. If I hear a kid coming, it just gets tossed under the heap of clothes (and we ALWAYS have a heap of clothes)... or in my pocket.... or shoved under the mail on the end table.....

*ahem* I mean, that's how I would do it.... *IF* I ever did things like that....
Hahahaha this is sooooo me!!!
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