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Originally Posted by DiannaVB
When I was pregnant I was looking around at some pregnancy/parenting blogs. I noticed one had mentioned cloth diapers but I never even looked at the post until I was bored one day and thought to check it out. Cloth diapering was nothing like what I had expected to read. After a good bit more research I was convinced that cloth diapering wasn't all that difficult and I loved all the colors and print options.
Same for me. I don't know anybody from my friends or family (in Europe) that would use CD.
My mom told me I was crazy and that I would give up after two weeks...
I had a hard time convincing DH to use CD but finally he agreed and now (after having used CD on DD1 from 8mo to PT 19mo, and on DD2 from birth until now,she's 14mo), he said its great bc saves money And it's environmental friendly.

First diapers I bought was a sample package of BG, FB, flips, econobums from cotton babies because it was the first website that came up on google when I did my research and had good explanation about CD.

I couldn't understand the concept of fitteds until a couple of months ago - the whole thing getting wet it was disgusting to me! Now I loooove fitteds for night (thank you Becky from bumstoppers!) and we have a whole stash of BGE for day. And I'm soooo insanely excited to be CD DD3 at the hospital from day 1 in may! (fingers crossed...)
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