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Re: It's SO much money...

Originally Posted by ardeur View Post
I just wrote a $4500 check to our homebirth midwives group. I have an appointment this afternoon and I was going to pay off the balance then. (I hate making payments and like getting my bills paid up front - always.)


My HMO insurance will cover *everything* 100% if I have a hospital birth. *sigh* This hospital has a policy to induce at 40 to 41 weeks and they have a very high c-section rate.

I've been dreaming of a natural birth at home since I was a 11 years old watching my mother birth my sister at home.

Please say something to take my mind off this hefty chunk of cash! It's starting to make me a little sick. And no... my HMO insurance won't cover a penny.
I am going through the same thing right now. I have been dreaming of a HB for a long time, and we just couldn't afford it and my insurance wouldn't cover it, but this is my last baby and I really want to have him at home. DH is on board which is great (neither of us like the hospital), but the money thing is getting to me too. I just keep thinking how the hospitals in the area have really lousy policies for VBACs, which I am still considered even though I have had a successful VBAC, and they also induce if you go past 41 weeks, and my last son was born at almost 42 weeks. I also don't want to be subjected to nurses and Doctors who will give me a hard time for refusing tests, vaccines, ect. And I want to be able to get into water, eat and drink, birth squatting if I want and basically just be in control of what I do and don't do in labor.

So this is the way I see it. Birth is one of the most sacred experiences you can have in a lifetime. It's special and amazing while being one of the most difficult things you ever do. It's your body, and your baby and if this is important to you then I think, don't worry about the money, just think about why you are doing it. It's worth it, I truly believe that, and if you don't do it, you'll always regret it. Just my I need to take my own advice.
I wish you a wonderful homebirth!
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