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Re: January Chat for Feb Mamas

I had my OB appointment today and it went really well. We just went over again plans for after baby is born (re: delaying cord clamping and placenta delivery... then afterward). I just gotta say I <3 my OB. Then I had my last pre-natal with my doula. I haven't had any checks by the OB but last time *I* checked I was around 3 cms so I'm assuming I'm probably the same, I'm mentally prepared for a February baby so I'm not consenting to checks (unless I go into labor before) until I'm 40 weeks (2 more weeks) Other than that, I put the bags for me and baby in the back of the car so that's one last thing we have to remember to do.

The only thing I'm hoping is whenever I do go into labor, I'm hoping that I will have washed DD#2's diapers that day or the day before. I'm the only one that does the diaper laundry (and I know hubby doesn't want to touch it and MIL would do it if needed, and I wrote directions since I have my wash routine) and if need be we have a big enough stash to last until I got home (if I was there a max of 24-48 hrs)... but I could totally see myself starting the wash and hoping that it finished before we had to leave... but I know that won't be the case. I'm thinking I might just have to be prepared to wash every other day, just in case.

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