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Re: Please help me keep going...

Another update. Tongue tie is being clipped today. I am pumping almost enough to feed my DD, we've been supplementing with one 4 oz. Bottle of formula per day. She gained 7 oz. in 5 days and she's going to be weighed today. I am hoping at 3 weeks and 2 days old she will finally regain her birth weight.

All of my hopes are resting on the tongue tie clip so I hope I am not disappointed. It would explain so much... her latch issues, the nipple damage, why she couldn't gain weight etc.

After the clip I am seeing the Lactation counselor, she has suggested a nipple shield for a few weeks if the latch isn't substantially better. My nipples are about 70% healed and I am so glad I took the time off to pump and let them heal so they aren't as excruciatingly painful. If I had continued nursing her I think my nipples would have remained hamburger meat indefinitely.
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