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As a homeschooling mom of 6... God bless you lol! I am using mostly AIO's now and I like the ease putting it on and getting poo off but there is some added washing time and drying which is really inconvenient because to stay on track I need to complete at least 3 loads of regular laundry everyday. So flats would wash faster, easier. I can get more diaper help with the easier diapers though. I think I would recommend half and half though or 75% flats 25% fitteds. IME it works best to have only 1 or 2 types so you know the fit and you can just say hand me a diaper and not have to say it looks like this or whatever, you know they all fit the same and you can not have to have certain things to work with certain outfits. I know right now you can't do PUL but I am currently in love with the sized Simplex. I have considered doing bamboo flats though and the GMD workhorse with wool but ultimately, I'm at a stage where I love cloth diapers and think they're cute and will always want to try and buy more but in reality I don't have time to do fun diapering where we sit and decide which diaper to use and if it will match this or that, I need to grab and go, easy, absorbent and in my case trim because my ds is so tiny we can't do bulk
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