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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Oh wow--our dc and preschool (a center housed in an elementary school) is apparently not the norm? They have a special day for the child and avoid the treat/allergy/equity issues by making muffins or rice Krispy treats as a class and allowing the birthday boy or girl to stir and decorate. No treats can be brought from home, but they ask that a book be donated in honor of the child. The book is read as a class and the birthday child gets to make a special birthday poster with his or her favorite things, interests, etc. They also take a picture and post it in the room for a week or so. They would NEVER overlook a birthday! I agree that it is a very special day for a child--I used to feel guilty that my kids had to go to "school" on their birthdays, but they would be mad if I tried to keep them home!! My kindergartener is going to be a little disappointed when she discovers that birthdays in "big school" are not as cool as they were in her preschool. I know our center is extraordinary, but this just confirms it further! Sorry your kiddo's bday was a bummer
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