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baby girl

i havent been on the boards in a while, but in the meantime i had my first u/s a week and a half having a baby girl!!!

so, mother's intuition has been right 3 for 3. im really happy, i didnt expect to cry, but when i saw her tiny body on the screen i just couldnt help it. she weighed 14 oz --which sounded big for 20 weeks (not that i recall what my others were, but a book i have said something like 9-10oz) anyone else know about this? they didnt change my dates or anything, ill see what my midwife says when i touch base with her next week.

now my nesting has kicked into overdrive and i made my husband construct her dresser thingy, im washing up diapers and planning to sell off/give away a bunch of dipes i dont need from storage, and im just generally EXCITED!

its been a long emotional journey for me since this pregnancy came as a surprise and i felt pretty powerless and overtaken by it. now i cant wait to meet my unexpected, but totally wanted little baby girl.
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