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I need help with leaky diapers! :(

So, our 8 month old son has been having pretty leaky diapers at least half of the mornings when I get him up for the day. He's also been having night wakings and having a hard time falling back asleep and I'm wondering if it's because of these leaky diapers!

We use BumGenius 4.0s and they're leaking out the top of the front and getting a good part of his undershirt onesie wet. :/ He's a little guy, just around 16 lbs, so we're on the middle snap setting with 2-3 sets of buttons/snaps showing in the middle. I'm wondering if it's a sizing issue of some kind because I just stripped them (with Dawn) last weekend! I DO dry the inserts on "low" in the dryer. Is it possible I ruined them? I thought it was ok to dry them on low, but when I asked a friend today about it she said not to do that! But, I've been doing it for 7 months now! :/

During the day we use just one insert, but at night we use a regular AND a newborn insert together. But, I WILL say that I don't think there's an absorbency issue because both inserts are absolutely soaked in the morning. So, should I start by putting two regular inserts in there? 8 months seems early to do that, but maybe he's just a big nighttime wetter.

We have had some daytime leaks as well, but those are usually when my parents watch him, and I'm not entirely convinced they're good at making sure the inserts are flat and snapping it tight enough. But, maybe it's the same problem both times. :/

Any advice would be great!

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