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Re: Help Me Decide What to Keep or Not Keep

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
Thank you, too, Harmoni! I am trying to be ruthless, too! While also making sure I'm not creating a lot of extra work for myself. If that makes sense.

I had not considered getting rid of both waffle makers and just buying frozen. I do love a good Eggo and they are affordable at Costco or Sam's. I haven't actually MADE waffles in quite awhile because I haven't had time since baby #3 came along. It's something to consider, though. I think a day will come when I do have time again, in which case, keeping the older one that makes more waffles at one time makes a lot more sense.
In this case, if its really just a passing phase until you'll use it regularly again, I would give yourself a time limit. Get rid of the round one now, and then resolve to begin using the other one by summertime, or maybe by the end of the year. If you still aren't using it regularly by then, commit to passing it on. I have to give myself deadlines, and even then it can be so hard to get rid of it, but when I actually follow through, I don't regret it.
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