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Originally Posted by Pixi6s
I didn't know where to post this so please excuse me if this isn't the best spot...

Please tell me about softcups.

three biggest questions

- how much liquid does it hold? My diva cup holds 1.5 fl oz I can't imagine it hold as much.

- Can you really have sex with it?

- Is there really any reason you need to throw it out after a week besides not being able to boil it?
I love them! It took me a couple tries to get it in right but now I'm a pro. It sits all the way up under your cervix, not low like the diva cup.

1) I haven't measured how much liquid it holds but on heavy days I have to 'dump' it every 6 hours.

2) Yes, you can have sex with it in but I wouldn't recommend that on wavy days because it could cause spillage. Medium and light days are no problem.

3) I rotate with 2 per cycle. I take one out and insert another and then I'll wash that one out let air dry so it's ready for the next time I need to change it. I use them for a couple cycles and then toss. You need to make sure and clean the 'rim' with a qtip because there is a crease where the rim and clear plastic meets.
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