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Re: new to fleece

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
My son could usually wear the same fleece longies all day, but he had very absorbent diapers. I would change them while they were only damp, not wet, on the outside. I found that was the trick to fleece: absorbent diapers. A prefold was not adequate unless it had a nice thirsty doubler placed in the front.
only GMD will hold up for us. All others- including sbish snappless- are back up back ups.

This is all great to know- I just need to change more frequently than with wool- wasn't sure about the damp inside part.

Originally Posted by foggierbard9 View Post
We can reuse fleece pants or diaper covers if she isn't super soaked when I go to change her. The diaper underneath is key as boysniris said. If the pants or cover are a little too damp but not soaked, I will air them out and use a different one then just alternate at each change.
my new plan

Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post
Carters pants are made from microfleece, so they will wick through if the diaper under them gets thoroughly wet. You'll want a thicker fleece pant for longer wear.
I didn't realize! They're so thick and chunky (the pants) I'll just make sure we change even more often. I thought microfleece was what we wanted- like a Lollidoo cover-- what do I want?

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Carter's fleece repels a bit for us, but not a ton. For instance, for jammies LO wears a cotton layer under a fleece pant, and if his diaper leaks, the fleece keeps the moisture in enough that it'll spread all over the cotton jammies and the bed will be dry. Microfleece is water repellant, it's the backing on my mama cloth.

But yes, better fleece works better and absorbency beneath is key.
great info as always!!
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