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Re: Big Mama's January support thread

Originally Posted by B's Mommy View Post
I didn't know you could see them with ultrasounds, but the doctor office I go to when pregnant doesn't have lower uninsured prices, so all the prices on everything are still insane, and they require payment up front...there'd be no way I could do that. I'll just let it be. A family member gave me her leftover Norco (the same pills they gave me after my csection, and the same pills they gave my mom for HER kidney stones), so I will take that...I'm not in any pain right now, but I also took one of the norco's at 5:35 this I'm going to let it wear off (about 6 hours) and see if I'm still in pain. I haven't passed anything yet, but it might have moved? The pills make me super tired. My mom took dd for the day, and I'm only up now to pump. Yesterday was spike day, but I didn't track, so there's no telling what my actual calories were. I knew that I wasn't close by the time I got home (was at my cousin's house all day yesterday), so I ate a couple handfuls of nuts...I don't know if I'm prone to kidney stones or not...if my self-diagnosis is correct, then this is the first time I've ever had them...If they don't come out within a week (and if I'm still in pain), I might go to the doctor and see if they can check and see where we go from here...
Good luck with them. I've never heard of a Dr. charging the same for self pay as for insurance. I know lots don't do the income based repay but every DR. dh and I see has a lower self pay price since they don't have to do all the work to bill the insurance. That's really to bad. I hope if it is that, that it passes quickly.
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