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Re: What brand rice cereal did you start on?

If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest starting your baby on something other than rice cereal. True, it used to be the recommended food to start your baby on. But experts (La Leche League, American Academy of Pedicatrics) have noticed that babies started on cereal, especially before 6 months, are more prone to food allergies. The LLL always has recommended starting baby on an easy to digest fruit or veggie (banana, sweet potato, avocado) and then moving to meat. The AAP has changed their recommendations to more or less match those of the AAP.

Grains are some of the most difficult foods to digest, which is why more and more it is recommended that you wait until at least 1 year old before introducing grains to your baby. When you do, definitely choose gluten-free grains since gluten is so difficult to digest and causes problems for so many.

Check out, a website that provides information based on research and recommendations from the La Leche League.

Hope that is helpful!
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