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Re: Feet Aching while nursing?!?

My feet don't ache when I'm actually nursing, but, it seems that when I am nursing (as in currently have a child who breastfeeds) my feet are achy in general. Does that make sense, lol? After DS was born my feet ached terribly for months. I don't remember exactly when it stopped, but it was at least 8-10 months after he was born. Like I would be hobbling out of bed in the morning. So weird. Then after DD2 was born, they started aching again, just as bad for several months. now she is almost 20 months, and they still ache a little. No hobbling, but there are these areas that are very sore all the time and slightly achy. I saw my doctor about it and she was clueless and had never heard of it. But then my SIL had a baby and for months afterward complained of sore achy feet. I have no idea but it's interesting that others are experiencing the same thing. I'm curious to see if it disappears altogether once DD stops nursing.
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