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Re: Misrepresented Diapers

Originally Posted by I_run_with_scissors View Post
id give her some time to respond, sometimes people only have a second to check their messages, or she could be thinking about how she wants to resolve this. If she doesnt get back to you today id contact a mod to help you out.

This is why i dont like terms like EUC ect because what is excellent to one person may not be excellent to another, we all have different standards. Soint he future make sure you ask about dingyness, stains, elastic and holes so you dont have to go through this again

hope it works out for you mama
I totally agree, and thank you for the advice. I will make sure to ask lots more questions in the future. It's not even so much stains and dinginess that bothers me... It's mostly the tiny holes everywhere. I really feel like you should let someone know if there are holes in an item. I wasn't even aware that it was a question that I needed to ask, but I guess now I know for next time!
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