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Re: How to Encourage Positive Body Image and Self Esteem?

I'm simillar to the previous poster.

My mom never once said anything about losing weight until I was in Gr12 when she went on a huge diet. She was never fat but just that 'mom' shape. I remember at the time saying that I was glad she hadn't done it sooner because her obsessive dieting would have made me neurotic. As it was, I could see it just as something she was doing and it was unrelated to me.

With my 2 dd's I hope to emphasize that activities and sports are just fun. They make us strong and healthy and it's fun. We live in a really outdoorsy type place so it's pretty easy. I bike to work and my 8yr old thinks it's just another method of transportation, not a big deal.

I'm sure every woman goes through times of body image issues but I think a big thing is having women around you who are NOT dieting!! I think this is really important. My friend who grew up with a mom on weight watchers is always on weight watchers herself... although I guess it goes without saying that mom needs to have healthy habits herself.

No guarantees. You do your best.
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