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Re: Grovia AI2 Woes

I had a similar problem, sometimes it was the soaker being totally saturated and sometimes wicking through the threads around the elastic. Either way, tons of leaks. It seems like anything small enough to fit a smaller baby is not going to ne absorbant enough for an older baby. I have found that to be true in all brands of diapers.

But I LOVE the fit of Grovias. So I now use trifolding preflats in my shells. I took flats, folded them into four layers, and serged them into rectangles that are 10x12" and 13x15". You can fold them in thirds either the short way or the long way, depending on how big the baby is. The smaller ones work awesomely from birth to about 18 pounds. By the time they are getting too short, they are also not absorbant enough, so I switch to the bigger ones. If you can't or don't want to sew, try just padfolding flats. Good unbleached flats are more absorbant than the Grovia soakers. I have also heard the new Grovia prefolds are great.

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