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Finding a comfortable seat

We own three seats michaela can fit in,a my ride,a radian and a maestro.We prefer to rear face but are okay if necessary forward facing at this point.We need to make something we have work preferably.All 3 seats work fine in both of our vehicles so it's not a fit issue.Our issue is that she has cancer in her spine and screams in pain rf in the my ride,ff it isn't the best fit in my van.It does work but she has no leg space.Should I keep it as a backup seat?This leaves me with the maestro which doesn't really support her and the radian which is hell to change the cover which I need to do fairly frequently.Which seat would you use as primary and secondary seats?Right now I need to make these work but could possibly get something new once the tax return comes in.We don't drive much but it's a 30 minute drive to the hospital and I want her comfortable and safe.
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