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Re: Cut 5yr old's curly hair or not?

thanks for the feedback everyone!

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
I have curly hair like your DD and DON"T cut it short!!! When I've cut my hair short it just turned into a gigantic "fro" for the lack of a better word. My hair needs the weight of being long to look decent.
I agree. My hair was curlier until my early 20's.... now it is just "fluffy" I've always preferred long hair because of that.

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
One of my DD's has curly hair like that. Straighter hair on top and tight curls underneath. It's adorable, but it looks messy almost all the time. I'm not so much into putting product in a 2 year old's hair, but maybe I need to try it before I rule it out.....
I know what you mean! We still get all the "what beautiful curls!" compliments....but probably only after bath days. The pic I put in the OP was an example of it going flat after a while. I was trying to avoid the hassle of uploading a new pic, so I just used one I had already on our blog. It can also look like this:
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