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Originally Posted by shan1212
I don't know enough about customs laws to know what exactly is shady about that invoice, but I do believe March that the quantity is off. FWIW I ordered 8 Alvas the other night so I will post a pic of the invoice when I get them.

I guess what I care about, as someone whose stash is all Diaper Rite, is if Diaper Junction is buying their diapers from Alva and if everything is on the up and up. The former is not a deal breaker for me, but the latter might be.

My problem is that I've tried everything. I don't like microfleece, I don't like the snap configuration on BG 4.0 or HH or RaR. Etc etc. This is the only diaper that works for us, so I'll be bummed if I feel morally obligated to restash. I just don't know anything about importing, certificates, etc. I would be surprised if they are blatantly violating any laws, to be honest. It just seems like too much of a risk. I have faith but will be open to any information anyone can provide. Thanks!
I think it sounds like a huge risk and I honestly do suspect that the well known, reputable stores like Diaper Junction who are buying generics are paying for testing and playing by the rules. I think it's a shame that so many of these generic brand factories will unscrupulously undermine their high-volume clients by selling products directly to consumers at cost. They probably don't sell an identical product, but allow the store to trademark a feature, but the products are similar enough that the consumer feels duped for having paid the store's price-point.

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