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Re: WWYD - 4 year old reaches RF weight limit

Originally Posted by jjordan View Post
I'd turn him forward facing.

We have a Prosport, mainly because it worked better in our 3 across than the Frontier, but it's not really narrow. I think there is a thread on about what seats are known to work in the "plus one" seat in Odysseys, so maybe poke around there a bit for ideas?
Thanks! I'm not looking for the seat itself to be "narrow." The Marathon is 18.7" wide next to DD's 18.5" seat. The Prosport claims to also be 18.5, so it should interchange with the old seat just fine in the horizontal space. I'm just concerned with the width of its base on that narrow seat. There is a store nearby where I can try one out, so I'll definitely look at that next week and the other seats suggested by PP. I'm definitely going to see if I can find that thread on, too. They had a blog review of the late model Odyssey that included "what fits where" but she didn't check every seat on the market. The Frontier fits that multi-function seat, but didn't allow room for the captain's chair to slide. The Nauti didn't work because the base design allowed the seat to slip inside the base (the base isn't flat enough on the bottom). A Radian fits there FF and allows the captain's chair to slide. Prosport wasn't one that she tried there, so I'll have to check that one myself.

I hope we come up with one that works. I'm happy DS was able to RF this long, and for months I've been saying that he would reach the limits around age 4 and that's when he'd turn; but since we're buying a new seat anyhow I figured I'd entertain the idea of RF longer if it seemed like a good idea. If the Radian seems to get me the only good fit FF, I might give it a shot RF for a while first, and then use the Radian as a FF/combo booster. Thank you everyone, for the input.
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