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Re: January Chat for Feb Mamas

Originally Posted by gghmommy View Post
Just a little update on the horrible, no good, very bad cold and appt... The Dr got me started on some antibiotics Thurs AM and it's totally helping! I still feel like crap, but a little better and not worse. Last night I think I slept as much in one night as I have since last Saturday put together! I still had some bouts of crazy coughing and having to clear the phlegm and mucus, but was actually able to go to sleep again! Today I had my BPP/NST and OB appt. I talked way too much and my throats killing me now, as well as coughing is stil incredibly painful, but it was great to see that little baby inside doing well. The dr. said I measured more like 35 weeks than 37, so maybe this little bean has dropped, or maybe I just coughed stuff around in there, who knows? They say you can breathe a little better once the baby drops, but I really don't think in my condition I could tell. And by the way, I really do appreciate your encouragement and suggestions. Been doing the neti pot, that only lasts for a while, hot showers are nice until the water runs cold-and you get weak from the change in BP, I've tried salt water and GSE gargles for the throat - nothing. Robitussin and Elderberry syrups are laughing at my cough, though the dr did give me a Rx to try tonight!! These are the lovely things I've learned in the past week! So far I've been text book on measurements, but I did drop a couple pounds this week, again who knows? I'm only at 1cm and 30%, so that's good right now- I want to get better and sanitize the whole house before this bean comes! My mom still has my daughter, and I miss her terribly but there is no way I could handle her energy for a moment! Hubby has been a champ, doing dishes, laundry, fixing dinner... I mean it would take me all day to do one of those, but he's just great and I'm glad he's mine! Whew - I love this thread.
Glad you are finding at least some relief and that baby is doing well You should try eating some raw garlic cloves, not the best tasting and not great for heartburn but they do help with congestion
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