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Re: How to shovel driveway with a tiny baby?

Here's how I did it a few times in Iowa with a 5-8 month old ... if temps weren't dangerous (which they usually weren't after the kind of snow that requires shoveling).

Sleeping in his swing inside the front window, with a monitor on.

Extremely bundled, with fresh lotion on his face first, on the front porch in his swing, awake and admiring.

Drive him in the car till he falls asleep, leave car running in the driveway with heat on but window cracked, park him while shoveling.

Extremely bundled, under a blanket, parked in his stroller watching the world go by.

I was afraid to have him in a carrier in case I fell, which was probably unreasonably fearful (you fall on your butt, not your chest).
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