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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

Yes, your birth plan for the nurses and doc during delivery needs to be very susinct or they will not read it. This is my current plan but not the final draft:

We politely request the following.

For Labor:

-To have my husband present at all times
-To decline routine IV prep(hep lock)
-To wear my own clothing
-Low lighting
-Minimal cervical exams
-Open access to drinks
-The use of the labor tub
-Only intermittent monitoring of baby’s heart rate
-Freedom of movement and position
-To decline discussion of pain tolerance and levels or offers for pain relief
-No internal monitoring in the absence of fetal distress
-To be fully informed and consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure.

For Delivery:

-Low lighting
-Perineal massage
-Freedom of position
-Self directed pushing(no counting please)
-My husband to “catch” the baby
-**Both clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord are to be delayed until pulsing has stopped** I do not give permission for clamping or cutting to be done with out my express verbal consent.

For Baby

-Baby to be placed directly on mother and for newborn assessment to occur there
-That vernix be allowed to absorb into baby’s skin please do not rub or remove the vernix
-That breastfeeding begin immediately
-To decline eye ointment
-To decline vitamin K injection
-To decline any and all vaccines
-To decline circumcision
-The baby will remain in the room at all times unless accompanied by a parent.
-No pacifier, bottles, formula, or sugar water be offered to our baby
-To decline to have the baby bathed
-The baby will wear only cloth diapers which will be provided by parents.

Mercy is a great option for "crunchy" folks in our area but I have VERY precipitus births and I live in Harford County so there is no way I would make it and park(parking there is not the best). Have you considered any independent birth centers? There are a few AMAZING places near you. I think you would be much happier in that type of setting based on your birth plan. Also keep in mind that some of the requests you made may be against various hospitals policies. The doctor will not be present for 99% of your stay so the nurses are who will really be helping implement your wishes.
Just in case.
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