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Re: Goodmama tell me abot them?

Originally Posted by Quickshep19 View Post
Because people buy them, don't use them & sell them to buy more they don't use. Addiction, collection, hoarding etc. They are sold like before from the goodmama store. But they have these "designer" diapers where people buy the fabric & have them made into the diapers, like SYOF on steroids because it is all the time. Then there are fussy cuts where you have better chances at getting the cut of xyz on the bum you want. Because nobody wants upside-down stuff or half of that cute slutty Alice.

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This is a whole other language to me. You lost me at Fussy Cuts. LOL

So basically people buying them just to buy them and say they got one and then not actually planning on using them. What is the regular price on them?
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