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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

Originally Posted by gingerpeachee View Post
Keep the long version for your support person.
Go over the long version with your OB and delete everything that is then found to be standard at the hospital you're delivering at.
Then chop it down to one page of things that are really important to you.

Also, just a teeny tiny little thing, its called a hep lock or a saline lock, not a hep block.

you can talk about most of these things with them to find out what's standard. Some things, you might simply not have a choice - like with the unlimited eating/drinking. Some things, they might SAY are standard procedure - like handing you your baby right away, but may or may not really be standard.

Most hospitals have a birth tour/class. I highly recommend going. For one, I decided against one of the hospitals when they told me it was standard procedure for all babies to go to the nursery for about 30 minutes every morning to be seen by a pediatrician. Parents could go with them, but that was just part of the procedure. This is something they covered in our tour, but not something that I ever would have thought of because my last hospital and the hospital I chose this time do not have nurseries and never take the baby from your room.

It's very nice to go, listen to their schpeal, see the rooms, see the NICU, see everything. And ask all your questions that aren't already answered or atleast find out the person you can sit down with at a later time to answer them. OBs and Midwives are great, but often, they don't schedule a lot of time into regular prenatal appts for great lengthy discussions. But hospitals do have people who work there who do make the appts to talk about all these things.

and yes.. 1 page, very succinct and bulleted is best
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