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Re: milk alternatives?

Thank you for the help....We have a lot (reasonable) choices locally...some are "in town" so about 30 min drive....

The trouble I have is if I do something for the baby how will effect the other kids...they are HUGE milk drinkers, which is why she keeps getting rashes cause she keeps getting into their cups....but I don't want to limit them cause they do really like it, and I don't want to do something that will trigger a problem with the them...PArker drank some LActaid milk (at my parent's house - my mom is LI)...and he broke out in hives...I just get so confused about what they can have/should have/need/want /afford etc...

I think I might fib a little and tell the dr. we are still having issues, and see if he will try some testing and maybe get us a referral. He said to try stuff and if we couldn't find something that works he would test her, I would rather have a better "list" then just blindly throwing stuff out there to her. Or accidentally cuting something out that has nothing to do with the issue
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