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Re: Alright Mamas help me out, please! (Teething question)

They may be premolars, I haven't done the count and correlated it to the chart. Motrin (name brand Ibuprofen) is what was providing him some relief, but he was still miserable.

I gave him a bath last night and put a few drops of Lavender EO in it. I decided to sleep on the couch, Noah sleeps in the big bed, to see if being away from the milk supply would help him sleep better. Daddy brought him out to me three times to nurse, I took him back in when he was done. Daddy also said he woke up a few more times that he didn't bring him out. That's better than triple that (or more) he has been waking up the last few nights but now I don't know if it's because of the EO or me. Eh, oh well.

On a good note, he has seemed to be in a better mood today, yay! I plan another Lavender EO bath for him tonight and we'll take it from there.

As far as nursing and teething go, he nurses on demand around the clock as it is. He's reduced the number of day nursing recently, I'm guessing because of teething pain, just like he's reduced how much or of what he's eating. We won't wean right now unless he wants to wean, but I know what it's like to be a teether toy and feel your pain!

Wet wash cloths are toys that he slings around. He wouldn't suck on them, but I do give him popsicles. Up until we ran out I was letting him have several a day because I figured they helped his mouth feel better. I need to make more and buy some more from the store since we only have 6 molds so far.
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