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Re: for those w miscarriage after 7 weeks

nope it stopped and I have a cold now! i am positive that the lining inside me has pulled away tho cause i no longer have nausea. now I am just stuffed up, drowsy, achey and have a slight fever.

I took herbs for 2 days on and off and at first it worked fast with blood show, then it gave only a few contrx, then nothing at all. I am spotting the tiniest amount (always brown) and its stringy or specs at most. my cervix is 1cm dilated now tho but so so long. im guessing my body is trying but the darn cervix wont give and open enough to let it all out.

i dont care much today to take more herbs as I am just so out of it from the cold. I got ONE DAY where I felt good before this. i cant wait till this is over!! I have been sick non stop since Dec 22
I also have no plans of getting pregnant anytime soon. this was far too much of an ordeal for my age. I will consider foster/adopting if we want another.

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