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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

To be honest, I thought they were something only weird crunchy people did at first. Our friends used them from birth with their son born the same week as our daughter, and I was just mystified. Then another friend had a baby and started using them, and my sister (who's 7 years older than I am and was on her last kid) decided to buy 12 BG off of CL to reduce her trash output, and when I saw my sister using them, I was like, "Oh . . . those ARE easy."

Plus once DD1 was 8 months old, I stopped working, and I figured that I had the time to do diaper laundry, so why not. I also cancelled our cleaning service at this time because I figured part of my job as a SAHM was to reduce our costs.

I didn't become addicted to CDs until I was pregnant with DD2, though! All those cute NB diapers . . .
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