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Three Gerber PEVA pull-on pants 12-18mos. size

Sold: 1 medium EcaPants, 1pr tiny Tigger undies.
3 Gerber pants still available.

3 Gerber pull-on pants size 12-18 months, 20-28lbs, PEVA. 1 never used, 2 used, hang to dry only, $3ppd.

SOLD below line -------------------------------------------------------
SOLD EcaPants from EcaWare Baby, non-waterproof.

- 1 medium original-style with soft tan terry inner in plaid, aplix, $10 $9ppd

SOLD 1 pair of tiny undies. These are actually a 100% cotton preemie-sized sposie cover, the kind that comes with outfits to prettify the butt. I had several of these to use as "undies" (they fit much longer when you don't have a diaper under them ) and I saved these because they were my favorite, cut without too much bagginess in the front, and with comfortable encased elastic. Waist 13.5" (all the way around, not just one way across), legs 7.5", unstretched. $5 $3ppd.

L EcaPants. EcaPants are sized differently from diapers; the Larges fit for us from 8 months to potty training, which was by 20 months ... and they still fit great at that age; if needed, they would probably have fit for another year or more. These have a long elastic area for a broad range of fit.

- 4 size large (pink mad sky hearts snap, 2 flowers aplix, robots snap) $48ppd now $44ppd for all 4 large.

All the larges are new-style, with inner cotton "sleeve"/pocket for optional insert. They have minor wash wear on the outer cotton layer over the elastic casings. The hearts one has a small pen mark on the back and some small orange spots on the inside pocket. I bought them new from and they have been used only by me with one child, in a good-sized rotation, and primarily line-dried.SOLD

(sold images converted to links for quick loading time)

SOLD5 small Happy Heinys hemp ovals. These are highly absorbent and very versatile, use between the soaker layers of a fitted or AIO, or in training pants, SIMPLYcloth covers, pockets, night diapering, anywhere a booster is needed. Prepped only, never used or put in a diaper, $15ppd for all.SOLD
(sold image converted to link for quick loading time)

SOLD8 waterproof (solid colors, 3 velcro, 5 snap) The waterproof ones may wick a bit at the seams near the edges; I've heard this may be fixed with (non-water-based) tent seam sealer, but DS is potty trained and DH wants them gone. All the larges are new-style, with pocket for optional insert.
$45ppd for the 5 snap waterproof, $27ppd for the 3 velcro waterproof, $64ppd for all 8 waterproof. SOLD
(sold images converted to links for quick loading time)

SIMPLYcloth covers from The EC Store, large on the left, nb on the right (nb was bought new and used twice). Large size has about four small rust-colored dots on back. SOLD.

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