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Just like PPs, I suggest one page max. We broke ours down into pre-labor, birth, and post-care. I also had a small section about c-sections. I limited my info to my most important points that I knew I would not change my mind about. My hubby knew all the other points and knew what to say. Our birth didnt go perfectly like I thought it would and I had to give in on some of my points, but my main goal was "healthy baby, healthy mama" so that was always what guided my decisions.

I think others are more receptive to short and sweet, but if you truly feel like you need every word of this, I would be sure to underline or bold your main points so they can quickly be seen at a glance. I put my birth plan in chronological order, but if I had a long birth plan like that, I'd probably so it in order of importance. If no circumcision is important, I'd put that on page 1 in big letters. That's what I did. That's an irreversible action..I didn't want anyone to forget/not know that my baby should stay intact. I was surprised to see that at the end of your list, I assumed I wouldn't see it at all. If a doctor never made it to that page, your baby might end up circ'd because its standard procedure. Just my .02!

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