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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

If it helps at all, here's my birth plan from my last delivery (a VBAC induction due to blood pressure issues). My labor was 9 hours from start of pit to baby on my chest so I didn't have a nurse change or anything. My midwife, labor nurse, and baby nurse all read the birth plan and all were happy with it and commented it was pleasant and short enough to understand yet long enough to convey my wishes. It was about 3/4 page typed.

I understand that labor and birth are both very unpredictable and ultimately want the safety of both baby and I to take precedence to any of my desires. I do have a list of preferences that I would like taken into consideration and followed barring any medical emergency.

• Please allow my water to break on its own – no AROM unless labor has stalled please.
• I would like to have intermittent monitoring as long as the baby appears to be tolerating labor well (this changed since I was induced and had CEFM)
• I am planning a med-free birth, and would appreciate if pain relief is not offered. I am aware of my various options and will request pain relief if I need it, as I am aware that my opinion may change during labor!
• I would love to have the option of laboring in the tub or shower.
• I would prefer vaginal exams to be kept to the bare minimum

• I would ideally like to be able to only push when I feel the natural urge rather than automatically begin the pushing phase as soon as I am fully dilated.
• I prefer to tear instead of having an episiotomy, but understand if a life-threatening condition arises where baby needs out ASAP, an episiotomy may be warranted.
• I would like to be able to push in any position I feel is most comfortable at the time – hands and knees, laying down, semi-sitting, squatting, ect.
• I would like a mirror available to view the delivery. I would also like to be able to reach down and feel my baby’s head upon crowning, as well as reach down and pull my baby out and up onto my chest.
• Please allow the cord to completely stop pulsating before it is clamped. I would like my husband to cut the cord.

If a C-Section Is Warranted
• I do not consent to a cesarean section unless the life or me or my daughter is in jeopardy. If there is a true emergency, I will not hesitate to be the first to agree to a cesarean, but for non-emergent reasons, I plan to avoid another cesarean.
• I would like my arms to remain free so that I can touch my baby. I would also love some sort of skin to skin contact while in the OR – even if just a shoulder or upper chest area.
• I would like my husband to be able to do a “ceremonial cutting of the cord” – a length left by the OB so that my husband can still cut the cord.
• I would like photographs to be allowed to be taken.
• Please allow my baby in recovery immediately if all is well with us both so that I can begin bonding and immediate breastfeeding.

Baby Care
• Please do all exams in my room
• I do not consent to the Hepatitis B vaccination, Vitamin K injection, or erythromycin eye ointment
• I plan on exclusively breastfeeding. Please no bottles, pacis, formula, water, ect to be given unless medically indicated.
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