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Re: question for bamboozle users

I used them for nights when I had them and I really like them. I don't really like fitteds, but if I still had any this would be it. They're so versatile. They're super trim for daytime weather you use the extra snap in soaker or not. But like I said I mainly used them at night with the snap in soaker that comes with them and an additional doubler (they way they are made it is easy to add whatever you need for extra absorbency, very soft and stretchy). I used a Green Line Bamboo Doubler or a BabyKicks Joeybunz Medium Hemp Doubler. They dry pretty quickly, faster than other fitteds. I love how soft the leg elastic is and the aplix is awesome on these. They are so squishy soft too! Without a doubler I don't think they would be absorbant enough for nights.

I used them under Disana Wool Soaker or they fit under a Wallypop fleece cover. I don't know about the Grovia Covers.

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