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All sold, please delete!

ALL SOLD, Please delete!

I bought these new in late 2010 or early 2011 for my DD who I figured would be PLing when these fit. Wrong! Then DD2 came along, who is also not PL'd and is currently in a larger size. I'm not bothering to hold onto these for DD3, since it appears I have late and/or stubborn kids when it comes to using the potty. Anyhoo... I do have them in larger (and custom) sizes that we use, and these really are awesome.

There are 6 trainers, and 4 overnight microfiber inserts which I bought separately. The trainers are in EEEUC, no stretching out of the elastic side panels or the legs, no stains, no issues. They were used just a handful of times while trying to train my DD. The inserts are nice and fluffy and very absorbent, but they do have some minor staining and/or dinginess as I have used those a little bit more with my larger Antsy Pants.

$21ppd per trainer, and $4ppd per night insert.

Pink with yellow sides, pink with blue sides, and yellow with pink sides are sold, along with 1 night insert.

Take the last boy/gn lot of 3 plus the 3 night inserts for $70ppd!

Sorry for the crappy lighting.

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