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With three kids under six (two in diapers) and a husband at sea, I feel as though I am drowning in laundry, and my cloth diapers have been sitting unused for nearly two years! No, he hasnít been gone that long . . . I just hit a point sometime after my son turned one where I couldnít keep up with it any more. For a while, I thought Iíd get back into it ďsomeday,Ē but am now realizing that itís just not happening. Itís time to let go of my stash and use the funds for other things we need.

In order to keep things easy for myself in terms of keeping track of everything, Iím just going to add things to this post as I manage to take and upload pictures. So check back often! I will eventually have a lot of fitted diapers (mostly Swaddlebees, Goodmama, and Bagshot Row Bamboo), covers (mainly wool, fleece, and Blueberry), a few pockets and AIOís thrown in for good measure, and of course all the accessories to go with. Gender is mixed! Lots of gender neutral, boy, and girl diapers!

Before I dive on in, the fine print. We are a smoke-free, pet friendly home. We have a golden retriever and a long-haired cat, so while I go over each item carefully before packaging up to try to hunt down and remove any stray hairs, I cannot guarantee anything you buy from me will be completely free of pet hair. I do try my hardest to catch stray hairs though! The diapers were all washed with Rockiní Green detergent, vinegar, and a little bit of tea tree oil. But they have been in storage, so I would recommend at least washing them again (preferably stripping them) before putting one on your child. I would wash and strip myself, but we have since moved to a new location (new state), and I would worry about ruining the diapers since I have no idea what the water supply is like here yet or how much detergent, etc. to use. It always takes a few tries to tweak the wash routine to fit a new water supply, and I simply do not have the time to mess with it right now. I will ship to APO/FPO addresses, but will not ship international otherwise. Iíve just had too many bad experiences doing so. Sorry! I might make an exception for one or two things, provided you are willing to wait for parcel post. But I will not make exceptions for large quantities of diapers. Iíd have to add too much for shipping, and it would make it cost prohibitive for both of us. As I specified before, my husband is overseas at the moment, and I do have three small children, so while I will try my hardest to ship within two days of payment, I will remain in constant contact with you if something comes up and I am unable to get to the post office within that time frame. I will, of course, send shipping confirmation through PayPal with the delivery confirmation number as soon as the package has shipped. If you have any questions, or if my prices seem unreasonable, please feel free to ask or make an offer! Since I am destashing, and this is my third child, I am not interested in trades at this time, although if anyone has an Ergo baby carrier they donít want any more, Iím in the market for a new one!

And with that, Iíll move on to the goods!

Wool and fleece covers:

Some ADORABLE newborn wool sleep sacks! My son was HUGE at birth, so we didnít get much use out of these. I would say they are both EUC. They look brand new! They are both clean, soft, no pilling, no holes, no stains (other than the slight discoloration mentioned). And they should still be bullet proof, although washing them with a little lanolin certainly wouldnít hurt. I purchased the blue one brand new, and the rainbow stripe gently used from someone here on DiaperSwappers.

Measurements: 13Ē L, 8Ē W
$37 PPD

Measurements: 12Ē L, 8Ē W
$37 PPD

Next, I have a couple of super cute fleece longies. Both in VGUC. No staining, no holes, normal pilling. These were purchased gently used here on Diaper Swappers.
Measurements: Small Ė 6.5Ē Waist, 9Ē Hip, 6Ē Inseam, 7Ē Rise
$10 PPD

Measurements: Medium Ė 6.5Ē Waist, 9.5Ē Hip, 9Ē Inseam, 7.5Ē Rise
$10 PPD

Up next, a pair of super cute, large girly shorties. These are also in VGUC. No holes or loose stitches, but there is some slight bluish discoloration along the waistline where it appears some dye transferred from another wool soaker during washing. I almost missed it as I was taking pictures, so itís not very noticeable. I also just noticed a spot on the front left leg. Iím not sure what it is or where it came from, or even if itís permanent. I will try washing it out and will update this post if it goes away. If this hasnít been updated, assume itís still there. Measurements: 9.5Ē Waist, 11Ē Hip, 4Ē Inseam, 9.5Ē Rise. $32 PPD

Next up, I have for sale a Mile High Monkey fleece soaker. Iíd say GUC. It shows the normal pilling of the fleece, and the white isnít as bright as it once was. But there is no staining, no holes, no seams coming apart, and it isnít all stretched out. I canít remember if I was starting to get leaks with it or not, but if that is an issue, just toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet and you should be good to go. Iím not positive on the size, so measure your baby first! I want to say small to medium. Measurements: 8.25Ē Waist, 8.25Ē Hip, 8.5Ē Rise. $7 PPD.


I have done my best with the descriptions and pictures of these diapers, but if there is something I describe that you can't see in a picture and would like a picture of it, please PM and ask. Thanks!


These are all one-size fitted diapers. I would say they are in GUC. They are not as soft as they were brand new, but are by no means crunchy. There is a tiny bit of wear on the bamboo velour in places on each diaper. I have taken pictures of only some of these spots to give you an idea of what Iím talking about, but did not take pictures of all of them. They all look exactly alike. All are very small spots and in no way affect the function of the diaper. This is just what happens after months of use and many washings. So, even though pictures of every single spot are not here, just know they are there! I canít remember the names of the prints or colors combos, so please donít ask. I have described them the best I can, but would be happy to describe in further detail if you canít tell what the print is by the pictures. Just ask. Additional details on each diaper will accompany their photos below. Numbers go from left to right, top to bottom.

1) Girly Floral - SOLD - Description and pictures moved to bottom of post.

2) Yellow: Elastic tight, no stains, no seams coming apart, snaps all intact . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. $20 $17 PPD

3) Tan with green snaps: Elastic tight, no stains, no seams coming apart, snaps all intact . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. $20 $17 PPD

4) Giraffe Print - SOLD - Description and pictures moved to bottom of post.

5) Camo Colors - SOLD - Description and pictures moved to bottom of post.

6) Trains - SOLD - Description and pictures moved to bottom of post.

More Goodmamas (general descriptions the same as above)

1) Lime: This diaper is probably the most worn of my Goodmamas. There are several spots where the bamboo is getting a little thin, and there is a VERY slight stain on the soaker. I didn't even notice it at first. I took a picture of it, but it's hard to see it, and I couldn't find it again later until I held it up to the light. The diaper, though worn, is not at all crunchy, and still has lots of wear left in it. $15 PPD

2) White: This one is in really good shape, though sherpa-ish. No stains, tight elastic, great snaps, no loose stitching, same worn spots along the legs as the rest of my Goodmamas. $17 PPD

3) Camping Goodmama: This diaper is in very good condition. Still fairly soft, no stains, elastic tight, no loose stitching. The only thing wrong with it is that the snaps are a bit wonky. Sadly, it came to me this way. I have taken pictures of some of the problematic snaps to give you an idea . . . it almost looks like they melted a bit inside. This was a bit of an inconvenience for me, but I just skipped the snaps that refused to fasten, and it worked just fine for us. The fourth photo is of a worn spot in the bamboo . . . same problem that all of my Goodmamas have. $15 PPD

Bagshot Row Bamboo:

All of my BSRBs are without fasteners. I believe they are all Ultimate Fit, but I cannot remember exactly. I think she had JUST started selling the trim fit when I had completed my stash for my son, so I donít think I got any of them. I used these with diaper pins mainly, so they all have pin holes in them. I will describe each diaper further with their pictures. Again, I canít remember what the prints are called. I would be happy to describe them in greater detail if need be, however.

1) Blue Cotton Velour: This one has a cotton velour outer. It cannot be used with a Snappi. I tried, and the Snappi simply would not hold. This diaper is in GUC. It has some slight staining on both flaps of the soaker, which might sun out. The stains are EBF, so they should sun out. And the soaker was made when Joyce was experimenting with not pre-washing her bamboo, so it has stitching throughout it to keep it from twisting. The soaker also has several small holes in it, of which I have taken pictures. The diaper itself is in great condition. No holes other than the pin holes mentioned, no torn seams, elastic is tight, no stains. Cotton velour is still soft, though not as soft as new. Inner is bamboo. $12 PPD

2) Camping: Again, this one was made while Joyce was experimenting with not pre-washing her bamboo, and so it is twisted. The twisting never bothered my DS. I just tugged at it till it lay as flat as possible, and then folded it up as I always did with these diapers, and it worked just fine. It is fully functional . . . just a bit of an inconvenience if you are in a hurry. I found it helped to smooth the twisted soakers (probably about half of DSís BSRBs had twisted soakers) as I folded the diapers and put them away so they were ready to go when I needed them. This particular soaker also has several holes in it. The elastic is tight, there are no stains, no torn seams, the print is slightly faded along the legs. $12 PPD PENDING

3) Martians: This one has an old-style soaker where the bamboo was washed, and so it lays the way it is supposed to. It does have a stain on it though. I think it might sun out, however, as it is an EBF stain. Elastic is tight, seams are all intact, print is slightly faded along the legs. The knit outer is also a little bit pilly from washing. $12 PPD PENDING

4) Tree House/Multi-Stripe: The print is hard to see in the picture, but it is a very cute gender neutral print of cartoonish boys and girls playing outside in/on/around a tree house. The multi-stripe knit is in perfect condition. The tree house print is a bit pilly from washing. But the colors are still bright. There is one VERY small stain, about the size of a pea, at the top left corner of the soaker. I missed it until I took a second look at it just now to make sure there wasnít any staining. Itís EBF though, so it might sun out. The elastic is tight and there are no torn seams. $12 PPD

Thanks for looking! And please, ask if you have any questions or want to make an offer on something! My prices are in no way set in stone!


Girly Floral Goodmama: Print slightly faded. Elastic tight, no stains, no seams coming apart, snaps all intact . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. $20 $17 PPD SOLD

Blue and Green Giraffe Goodmama: Print still bright. Elastic tight, no stains, no seams coming apart, snaps all intact . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. $20 PPD SOLD

Camo Colors Goodmama (dark green, olive green, and tan): There is one very faded stain on the soaker. I do not think it will sun out, but it is barely noticeable. Elastic tight, no seams coming apart, snaps all intact . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. $19 PPD SOLD

Trains Goodmama: This one has a snap that ripped out. It left just a very small hole. I never had an issue using it as is, but if you have a snap press or know someone who does, it would be an easy fix. The print is still bright. Elastic tight, no seams coming apart, no stains . . . overall great condition with tons of wear left in it. If it werenít for the snap, Iíd be listing this one as VGUC to EUC! $18 $15 PPD SOLD

Melissa: Homeschooling Mom to Princess, Chip, Little Bit, and Tiny. Navy Wife to Peter .

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