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Re: Want to share crockpot recipes?

I am mostly veg so most of the ones I use don't have any meat. If you don't mind that I can share. I am actually making Hot Chocolate Steel Cut Oats in it right now for Breakfast in the morning. This is my first time making that so we will see how it goes.
Is popular with my boys especially in the fall and winter. They call it harvest veggie stew. Tharen loves parsnips.
This can be made in the slow cooker and I do from time to time. It actually has fish (I eat some fish and even on rare occasions turkey but not much)
this is popular at our house with or without the canadian bacon
also popular but rarely made because of the chicken
very popular here but I use veggie broth instead of chicken
dh likes this but I don't make it often because of the chicken
This is a favorite for my boys.
I love this but dh doesn't like the olives
The boys thought this was a bit too hot but dh loved it
This is an excellent recipe and it smells wonderful cooking
my boys are quite fond of this, I toss in some frozen or fresh chopped veggies and it makes a whole meal.
I like this but the boys are not so crazy about curry
Everyone likes this but I cheat and make it lasagna instead because it took forever to stuff the manicotti.
This is such and easy recipe and it is a favorite for everyone here.
This is excellent, it is a new favorite of mine.
This can be done on the stove or crockpot and it turned out beautifully when I did it the other day. Everyone loved it.
haven't tried this yet but I am making it Monday. There are tons of recipes at this site
Have this in my crockpot right now for breakfast in the morning
Have this planned for later in the week as well

So clearly I use my crockpot frequently. Dh teaches Taekwondo and the kids and I attend as well. We are at the school for 3 hours Monday and Wednesday and another 2 hours Friday. On Monday and Wednesday we get home for about 30minutes and then dh has to leave again for his own training. Basically we need meals that we can eat fast so it is either salads, sandwiches or crockpot meals. I love my cockpot.
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