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I'm not at mammogram age yet, I will be 37 in march. That said I am not worried because I had virtually zero natural breast tissue. Like there wasn't enough before hand to have ever allowed for a mammogram anyway. I was completely flat chested.

Cohesives. Mainly for shape, feel and because they are basically a solid state. If you cut a cohesive implant in half it will stay the same shape just be two halves. No rupture, no leaking. The only drawback for me would be that cohesives are more invasive. My saline went in endoscopically through the underarm so I have no scars. Cohesive have to go in under the crease of the breast because they obviously need more room to go in. Like I said I don't have any visible rippling but I can feel it. It really isn't a big deal but if they need to be redone I would almost definitely get cohesives.

This is of course if mine ever need to be replaced. The chance of rupture or contracture increases after ten years but my Dr doesn't recommend replacement until it is needed. There used to be an old myth that they needed to be replaced every ten years but most dr are now of the opinion that if its not broken there is no need to fix it, so we will ride it out and wait and see. They may never need replacement I wouldn't have them replaced unless they need it.

At the time I had them done saline was the only option available to me. Silicone was only an option for replacements and cohesive were not available (not invented yet I do not think). Had cohesives been available I may have chosen them. Many people close to me have cohesives and I think they are generally the "go to" choice now. I don't know anyone in the last 5 or 6 years who has had saline done. I have probably about 12-15 friends who have implants. Everyone who's had them done in recent years has cohesives.
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