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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

I agree that it is long and difficult to follow.

First off, I absolutely would take a hospital tour and find out what is standard for your hospital. If you were to birth at the hospital where I gave birth, you could cut out almos 1/3 of your written plan immediately because much of it was standard even 12 years ago.

Find out if the hospital is a teaching hospital. If so, you may have little choice regarding having medical and nursing students. Teaching hospitals are just that -- focused on teaching the next generation.

Your plan has medical and nursing requests in the same document. Your nurse has no control over the medical end and the doctor doesn't control the nursing end. Asking your busy nurse t read and remember how you want the doc to stitch you up means less of her focus on other aspects of your care. I would talk to your doc beforehand about forceps v. Vacuum. Honestly there are different indications and some docs are better with one over the other. Do you really want your preference or does it make more sense for the doc to assessed the situation and her own skill art and make that decision? This coming from a mama who had one vacuum extraction, on forceps and. One precipitious delivery.

Keep it under a page. Find out what is standard before you write it. Be ready for baby to decide how Mich you get your ideal birth

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