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Re: Five days ago my daughter requested a hair cut... *before pic added

Cute Not sure if I'd let my daughter do that though. My mother was the type to let the boys do whatever they want with their hair, but she tried to keep ours long. We never had a professional haircut until we were over 18 years old (couldn't afford it) so she always decided. We could tell her if we wanted it short, but I was always too afraid to go shorter than shoulder length. She didn't force us to do anything, but she was sad anytime we wanted our hair shorter. The boys... oh my goodness... my brother to this day has long hair past his shoulders. It looks ridiculous. DH and I both agree that it won't be allowed in our home. My oldest boy had his first (very positive experience) haircut right before 12 months old. I've continued to do everything in my power to keep haircuts a positive experience. It's not a complete buzz cut, it is left a bit longer on top. My 9 month old will likely need a trim at 12 months too because his hair (although very wispy and light) is covering the tips of his ears and his bangs are going too far down his forehead, so a very light trim will be needed. I'd allow short hair on a girl - to hte shoulders or slightly above that, but probably never a pixie (albeit your daughter looks adorable adn her hair looks so easy to care for now!)
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