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Re: Big Mama's January support thread

Originally Posted by B's Mommy View Post
I slept literally all day today...pain is gone, but still haven't passed a I'm afraid maybe there's something else wrong with my kidney, but I couldn't imagine what...I woke at 9 to pump, did laundry, went back to bed until about 4, reloaded the laundry, pumped, went to the store when dh got home and had GF pizza for dinner. So I still have 500 something calories left for the Amish discount store, we found 7 boxes of Schar brand GF pizza crusts (2 per box) for only $2 a box! They are amazing! They taste just like those pre-made shelf-stable crusts that you'd get in any grocery store, and the parts not covered in sauce was actually crunchy, so it was delicious pizza, with a crunchy crust! Dh loved it! And I also found two 1lb bags of Bob's Mill almond flour for $3.99 each at the discount store! And our Bob's Mills all purpose baking flour arrived today from Amazon (it was under $2 per bag on sale!), but I'm nervous about using it, because the reviews says it has a very "beany" it's likely best to use that in quick breads, cake, brownies, etc...aka, things I shouldn't be eating. lol But I still couldn't pass up the deal to try it...and dh would eat brownies, cake, etc. all day long if he could.
Yay for finding good deals! Our favorite pasta is the Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta, but 6 months ago I found an entire cart of the brown rice tipanyaki (sp?) pasta for $1 a package, you better believe I bought all of it! We don't love it but it works and doesn't make DH sick. I agree that the bob's is beany. I really don't care for it. With that said, Dh doesn't mind the waffles from it (I do but if you make a banana waffle it covers it some). We also make banana and pumpkin bread and that helps mask the taste. Good luck with your new adventures. I belong to a facebook group that does gluten free recipes if you're interested, Pm me and I'll add you.
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